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A plastic strip heater can heat a specific section of a plastic sheet to allow for just that part to be bent into a desired position.

  1. Cut the plastic to the desired size.
  2. Remove any protective film from the plastic.
  3. Mark the bend points on the plastic and prepare any needed jigs to assist with bending accuracy.
  4. Heat up the plastic strip heater.
  5. Place the first bend mark directly above the heating element. Make sure the plastic is at the correct angle. Usually this will be square but angled bends are possible.
  6. For severe bends, make sure to evenly heat the plastic on both sides by flipping over repeatedly.
  7. Sheets of steels can be used to isolate parts of the plastic for more precise and localized heating.
  8. After the plastic is heated, remove from heater and begin bend. If using a jig or fixture, secure the plastic in place while it cools.
  9. Turn off the strip heater.