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Textures are applied as repeating square images on large objects in 3D models. Where these repeated images tile meet can be distracting if the pixels do not line up perfectly. A “seamless” texture appears to wrap around smoothly in the vertical and horizontal directions. You can create seamless textures in Photoshopexternal link for texturing 3D models. The process uses the offset filter in Photoshop to move the edges or seams of the image into the middle. Then the seams can be disguised with digital editing tools such as the clone stamp tool, content aware fill, and the healing brush.

Seamless textures can then be placed on any UV mapped digital object and will flow around all the surfaces without jarring seams. If the texture does not have enough resolution, it may still appear to repeat on large objects but it will be a seamless repetition.

Seamless Textures in Photoshop