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Tutorial Description

This tutorial shows how to cut the pattern pieces for a tote bag with a lining and then how to sew them together.


To complete this tutorial you should know How to Thread an Juki DDL 870 Industrial Sewing Machine , how-to-cut-fabric , and How-to-Sew-Six-Basic-Seams .


  1. Cut 2 Pieces 11″ x 20″ for Bag Top
  2. Cut 2 Pieces 9″ x 20″ for Bag Bottom
  3. Cut 2 Pieces 20″ x 20″ for Bag Lining
  4. Cut 2 Pieces 4″ x 22″ for Bag Handle
  5. 1 Piece of 9″ x 10″ Plastic Canvas {Optional}
  6. Cut 1 Piece 13″ x 15″ for {Optional} Interior Pocket – The size will depend on what will be in the pocket. Mine is over sized to hold a thermos, but 8″ x 15″ would work too


After following these instructions you should have a custom sewn tote bag with a lining. Put lots of fun stuff in your tote bag.

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