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Kinetic Sculpture Resources link

Reference Artists Richard Wilson “Turning the Place Over” Liverpool, UK link

Allan Wexler - Mattress Factory Kinetic Project Bed

Running water banister at the Mattress Factory link

Kinetic Project Mechanism Link link link

Anthony Howe about face spinung copper Cradle Escapement link

Chico MacMurtrie - GuggenHeim Fellow link

John Douglas Powers

Sean Derry

—— Animated Gif of a wooden cam with a hand crank. Could easily be modified to move something other than sail boats. ——

Neat marble run that goes around a room. Pay attention to the simple levers that need additional marble weight to pivot and then use a marble to return them to the same place. Also attached is an post about the project. link link ——

—— Video about making wooden gears. It is from the creator of the online gear maker. You can ignore the information about tilting the band saw table because unless you are making 90 degree perpendicular gears. link link ——

—— Videos of marble machines. Some are quite complex but many have parts such as tilting gates, collection boxes, and cam shafts that you can include in your projects without motors. link link link link ——

—— Video of simple clock “escapement” kinetic sculptures made from straws and paperclips. link ——

—— Flying Pendulum Video. This also could be made with wood, wire, string weights, and cardboard in a shop. link ——

—— Double Pendulum Video. This could be made with wood and bolts in a woodshop. link ——

—— Purdue Rube Goldberg Machine World Record link ——