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Why can’t I see the edges of my Photoshop brush? Why is my Photoshop brush a crosshair? This can be very annoying when you’re trying to draw in Photoshop with a brush but you only see a crosshair instead of the full outline of your brush size. How can I fix this? The simple fix is to press caps lock and then this toggles your Photoshop brush between an outline and the crosshairs. By pressing caps lock then I have cross hairs, caps lock again now I can see my entire brush outline We can also go to file > preferences and if we go to cursors we can choose what our normal cursor will be. We can have the full size brush tip, the normal size brush tip, we can show the crosshair and the circle in the brush tip. So you can set this to exactly how you want but the simple fix when you can’t see your Photoshop full size brush and you only see crosshairs is to make sure that you don’t have caps lock on. Hopefully this Photoshop quick tip gets you back on the way to creating wonderful things in Photoshop and making neat stuff. Happy photoshopping!