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Metal Fabrication

There are multiple ways to Fabrication metal including Cutting , bending , Welding , Bolting , forging , Casting and more. Working with mental can be hazardous so it it essential to follow basic Safety best practices as well as additional safety precautions depending on the equipment, materials, or techniques being used to fabricate metal.

Bending and Cutting Metal

How to Bend Steel

How to Drill through Steel

Use cutting oil when necessary.

Ways to Cut Steel

  • How to Use a Hacksaw hacksaw
  • angle grinder
  • Cut Off Saw
  • Metal Bandsaw
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Water Jet Cutter
  • Metal Lathe

Attaching Metal


Metric Bolt Dimensions

M2 bolt Head 3.8mm Dia x 2mm H M2 bolt lengths 6mm 8mm M2 nut 4mm W x 1.6mm H

M3 bolt Head 5.5mm Dia x 3mm H M3 bolt lengths 10mm 12mm M3 nut 5.5mm W x 2.4mm H

M4 bolt Head 7mm Dia x 4mm H M4 bolt lengths 10mm 12mm M4 nut 7mm W x 3.2mm H

M5 bolt Head 8.5mm Dia x 5mm H M5 bolt lengths 10mm 12mm 14mm M5 nut 8mm W x 4mm H

Metal Screws





Mechanical Forging

Finishing Metal Objects

How to clean metal and prep for painting

You need to remove all oil and rust, then quickly add a metal primer. Metal primer can have multiple coats and be sanded smooth in between coats. Primer should be applied as soon as new clean metal is exposed. Clean metal should be allowed to touch the atmosphere for as short of time as possible.

How to Patina Steel