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Sketching is a great process for visualizing ideas and refining your ideas before committing to making. Pencils and paper are relatively cheap and with practice it only takes a few minutes to sketch out an idea in order to begin to evaluate it.

Once you sketch out multiple ideas, then you can compare and edit them through a constant process of improvement. Detailed sketches can explore different parts of an idea or concept before making three dimensional mockups either in a computer or with analog means such as Paper-Maché or cardboard.

Ideation Sketching

Ideation sketching is a form of sketching that explores a variety of possible creative ideas. It should get ideas out of the creator’s mind and into a tangible form quickly.

Technical Sketching

Why do we use sketches? Sketches are a very efficient way to communicate. We have all heard the cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is even more so in technical sketching .