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13.04 Time Based Synthesis Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Completed time based synthesis sculpture project

Assignment Overview

For this project, students are challenged to create an integrated media sculpture that combines multiple techniques learned during the semester. This assignment is an opportunity to synthesize skills in digital media and physical sculpture, creating an artwork that could reflects contemporary issues, personal narratives or other conceptural content.

Techniques to Choose From (Minimum 3):

  1. Camera use (ISO, shutter speed, aperture).
  2. Video editing and abstract video creation.
  3. Chroma keying and abstract visual effects in After Effects.
  4. Motion and camera tracking in After Effects and Blender.
  5. Basic 3D modeling and rendering in Blender.
  6. Projection mapping with MadMapper and Isadora.
  7. Synchronizing music with video.
  8. 3D modeling for 3D printing.
  9. Creating parametric models in Fusion 360 for laser cutting.
  10. Kinetic sound installations using synchronous motors.

Creative Prompts (Choose 1 or create your own):

These prompts are merely serve as jumping off points to harness and direct your creativity.

Echoes of Time

Create a dynamic installation or sculpture that delves into the concepts of time, memory, and impermanence. Potentially use projection mapping to display abstract video art on 3D printed structures, symbolizing fleeting memories through the use of scenes or transitions. Integrate kinetic sound elements that respond to audience movement or audio input, creating a multisensory experience. The work could evoke a sense of nostalgia or the transient nature of moments.

Digital Biome

Design an interactive piece that represents a digital-natural ecosystem. Use 3D modeling to create organic forms resembling flora and fauna, and combine these with kinetic sound art to simulate a living environment. Potentially implement projection mapping to bring these forms to life, creating an immersive experience that blurs the line between the digital and the natural world. Consider how technology can augment or disrupt natural processes.

Urban Symphony

Develop an installation or sculpture that embodies the essence of urban life, capturing its chaos and rhythm. Combine abstract video footage of cityscapes with captured audio to create sound art and video that mirrors urban landscapes and activity. Incorporate kinetic sculptures that mimic the movement of city life, or use projection mapping to create an evolving urban landscape. The piece could reflect the energy, diversity, and complexity of urban environments.

Interactive Memory Maze

Create an immersive experience exploring the theme of memory. Use motion tracking to in a video and sound as characters navigate through a labyrinth of 3D modeled structures. Each section of the maze could represent different aspects or types of memories, using visual and auditory stimuli to evoke emotions and recollections in the audience.

Futuristic Relics

Imagine an artifact from the future, blending advanced technology with historical or mythical elements. Combine laser-cut designs with 3D printed components, and use video projections to tell a story about its origin and purpose. The piece should invite viewers to speculate about the future, technology, and their intersections with humanity.

Sonic Landscape

Construct a project that visualizes sound. Potentially use synchronous motors to create kinetic sculptures that move in response to sound frequencies. Incorporate projection mapping to add a visual layer to the soundscape, creating an environment where sound is not only heard but also seen and felt. This piece should explore the physicality of sound and its impact on space and perception.

Digital Reflections

Create a reflective space or object that explores identity in the digital age. Use mirrors and screens to project abstract videos and images that respond to viewer interactions through motion tracking. Integrate sound art that varies with the projected imagery, delving into how technology shapes our self-perception and interactions.


Design a piece that imagines a future where technology and ecology are harmoniously integrated. Use 3D modeling and digital fabrication to create structures that mimic organic forms, and implement projection mapping to illustrate a narrative of coexistence and symbiosis between nature and technology.

Historical Juxtaposition

Develop a work that juxtaposes historical events or periods with modern technology. Use 3D printed sculptures representing historical artifacts, and overlay them with modern digital imagery through projection mapping. This could invite viewers to contemplate the evolution of technology and its impact on history and culture.

Sensory Overload

Create a sculpture or installation that explores the concept of information overload in the digital age. Utilize a combination of video editing, chroma keying, and abstract visual effects to create a chaotic, immersive environment. Add layers of sound art that reflect the constant barrage of information, encouraging viewers to consider the effects of living in a hyper-connected world.

Grading Rubric

Creative Synthesis50 points
Technique 130 points
Technique 230 points
Technique 330 points
Creative Prompt30 points
Written Self Assessment (in class)30 points