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11.03 Sonic Arts Workshop References

This page includes resources and links from Bob Drake’s Sonic Arts Workshop 1 in the fall 2023 Time Based Strategies course in the Sculpture + Expanded Media Departmentexternal link at the Cleveland Institute of Artexternal link .


John Cage

Christine Sun Kimexternal link

Pauline Oliveros

Example Videos - autonomous / indeterminate sculptures

Anne-f Jacques’sexternal link sound constructions/performances

Petr Válek’sexternal link extreme noise


Tones vs. Noises

  • Abrasive “noisy” sound
    • Friction/resistance
    • Scraping
    • Softer (cardboard) or irregular (sandpaper, rough rock) surfaces on object
  • Tonal
    • Striking, percussive, or vibration activation
    • Harder materials – metal, ceramic, hardwood
    • Suspend objects to allow for freer vibration (foam, rubber, string).

Resonant Objects/Chambers

  • Increase volume of small sounds by mounting on a larger plate
  • Increase resonance by suspending objects, so they are freer to vibrate
  • Increase & modify the sound by mounting on container with an opening

Simple Machines

  • Change rotary motion to linear using cams, cranks, levers 2

Cam and Crank

Loose Coupling

Introduce irregularity / indeterminacy to motion

  • Non-rigid parts like string, rubber bands
  • Loose-fitting or “sloppy” connections
  • Eccentric weighted motor-driven parts
  • Freely moving objects reacting to motor-driven movement (stirring marbles in a bowl)

Further Reading

  1. Text and resources on this page from Sonic Arts Workshop handout written by Bob Drakeexternal link  ↩︎

  2. Figure 3.9: Cams and Cranks from Basic Mechanicsexternal link chapter of ELEC 201 Notesexternal link by Dr. James F. Young ↩︎