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10.05 Laser Cutting Exercise Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Laser cut physical object brought to class
  2. Upload rendered image of 3D Model (.jpg or .png)
    • label file YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Laser Cut Render Image.jpg
  3. Upload DXF export of parts to be cut (.dxf)
    • label file YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Laser Cut Parts.dxf


  1. Model the parts of your design paying attention to joints and how thick the material is
  2. Lay all of the parts flat
  3. Prepare a tool path that takes into account the width or kerf of the laser
  4. Export a DXF file for cutting
  5. Prepare the DXF file according to the instructions.
  6. Cut out the parts at the think[box]
  7. Assemble the project and bring to class

Grading Rubric

Laser Cut Cutout30 points
Laser Cut Assembled30 points
Render Image Composition10 points
Render Image Uploaded10 points
DXF File Uploaded10 points
File Management and Labeling10 points