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07.09 Projection Mapping 3D Modeled Object Assignment

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Assignment Deliverables

  • Upload a brief ~30 second video documentation of the projection mapping 3D modeled object installation (.mp4)
    • Label the file YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Projection Mapping 3D modeled object Video.mp4


Use a projector and make a mapping of selected objects and the environment. One of the objects must be fabricated by you and be imported as a 3D object.

  • fabricate 3D object
  • 3D model object to scale
  • import 3D model into projection mapping software
  • use at least one control on a generative effect, audio input or other
  • add effects to quads
  • add original media
  • add a minimum of two masks
  • take a ~30 second video of the installation