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03.07 Which Reality Video Work in Progress Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Upload an exported video of your work in progress “Which Reality?” video project. Any state of completion is ok, the final video is not due until next week. This is a quick check in on the progress you are making and will allow the class to ask questions and get advice on their in progress videos. (.mp4)
    • Label YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Which Reality WIP.mp4
  2. Upload a brief paragraph or bullet points describing what you have completed on the video and what you plan to complete to finish it. (.pdf)
    • Label YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Which Reality WIP description.pdf


Work on your project shooting footage and editing. Upload a snapshot of your progress to date. There is no need to polish the work in progress, it is simply a record of what has been completed so far so it can be assessed by the group while there is still time to work on the project. This way the final version of the project will improve.

Grading Rubric

Uploaded WIP30 points
Uploaded WIP Description30 points
Evidence of Work30 points
File Management10 points