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03.02 Green Screen Video Art

Green Screen Video Art

Zbig Rybcynski - Tango

Will Rawls Siccer

Rachel Maclean GENERATION

Jennet Thomas Animal Condensed>Animal Expanded #1 Trailer

Heather Phillipson Splashy Phasings

Peter Campus Three Transitions Interview

Kasumi - Oh So Hollywood

Ben Eberle - All the Stars Explode Tonight

Music Videos with Interesting Green Screen Effects

Video content created for music videos is often more innovative and experimental than film and television video productions. Many music videos use green screens and video compositing in interesting ways to create new environments and perceptions. Reviewing the content of music video special effects can help inspire new creative thoughts and ideas.

* Some videos can not be “embedded” but can be watched on YouTube by clicking on the respective links

Herve Pagez & Diplo - Spicy

Hobo Johnson - Uglykid

Atarashi Gakko - Candy

Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I don’t Care

Mac Miller - Good News

Mac Miller - Surf