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02.10 Green Screen Composite Video Exercise

Assignment Deliverables

  • Exported H.264 .mp4 - maximum 30 seconds long video file of project
  • Label file YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Project Description.mp4


Plan out a sequence with a minimum of one each of the following shot types :

  • Establishing Shot
  • Full Shot
  • Medium Shot
  • Close Up

The backgrounds and environments for the shots can be related visually or unrelated. Think about the angle and composition of the background and lighting before framing the green screen shot. Key out the green screen and use Premiere Pro or After Effects to make the composite video.

Edit the different shots together and export as a single video. Sound is not required.

Possible Experiments with

  • Try an “over the shoulder composite” with your double
  • Have chroma keyed characters interact
  • Rotoscope a character or object from public domain found footage and have the chroma keyed subject interact with them
  • Have the subject move in the shot
  • Shoot your own background environments
  • Use rotoscoping to separate the layers of found footage so your green screen subject can be “in” the composite shot

Grading Rubric

Establishing Shot15 points
Full Shot15 points
Medium Shot15 points
Close Up Shot15 points
Chroma Keying20 points
Editing / Post Production20 points
File Management and Labeling10 points