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01.05 Repeated Action Video Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  • Exported 1080 x 1920 or higher resolution .mp4 video of edited video project (30 - 60 seconds) (.mp4 with H.264 compression)
  • Label file YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Video Project.mp4


Create a montage edit of a repeated action in multiple locations on different days.

Design a brief action that requires multiple steps completed in sequence. For example the action of brushing your teach could be broken into the the following sequential steps, applying toothpaste, brushing your teeth, rinsing mouth, cleaning brush, flossing, rinsing with mouthwash. The action of eating a bowl of cereal could be separated into pouring cereal into bowl, adding milk, using spoon to eat cereal, placing bowl in sink, rinsing bowl. Each of these example actions could be broken up into more or less steps. These example actions, which take place at a singular relatively confined location, are different than sequential actions that occur across a larger area such as hiking through the woods or picking up litter on the side of the road.

You are tasked with shooting video this action at 3 different locations. Shooting on different days or at least at different times of the day can add interest to the footage. Be experimental with your shot framing. Follow the concept of “changing the angle and distance” with every shot based on establishing, full, medium, and close ups, but experiment on how those shots could be modified and composed in interesting ways.

Technical Reminders

  • Remember the 3 basic camera settings of Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. Make sure you have the correct settings for a well exposed image with the correct amount of focus and depth of field.
  • As a rule of thumb, keep the shutter speed at least 2x the frame rate. IF you are shooting 30 frames per second (fps) the have a shutter speed of at least 1/60 and if you are shooting 60 fps then have a shutter speed of at least 1/120.
  • Use a tripod to have non shaky shots.
  • Shoot each clip for about 5 seconds. That will give you more than enough footage for the action.
  • Be careful with the record button. Make sure you are recording during the action and not accidentally recording in between shots.
  • Make sure you upload an exported .mp4 video and not a Premiere project file .prproj


  1. Design your sequential action.
  2. Write down the main steps of the action.
  3. List any props or accessories needed to complete the action (toothpaste, cereal, bottle of water for rinsing mouth under bridge …)
  4. Scout locations to repeat your action. Think about the ambient light and the best time of day to shoot video.
  5. Use a mirrorless camera and a tripod. Avoid using your cell phone, especially in any lighting situation other than daylight.
  6. Shoot all of the steps of your action 2 times at each location. It is a good idea to change the shot type and angle for each step in the action. You can repeat shot types.
  7. Re-shoot the action at the other two locations.
  8. Transfer video files to a folder on your computer and label the folder.
  9. Import the files into Adobe Premiere. How to import files into Premiere
  10. Choose the shots that you want for the action and drag them to the timeline.
  11. Trim the clips and experiment with the ordering and pacing.
  12. Try to have sequences of quick sub-second cuts as well as other clips juxtaposed with different parts of the action or location.
  13. Create new meaning by the recombination of the clips.
  14. Keep the final edit to 30 seconds maximum. This means that you need to be creative with your editing and pacing. If all the clips are the same length the video will seem like a monotonous metronome.
  15. Use the changing of camera angles and visuals to keep the viewer engaged.
  16. Be adventurous and experimental. Take visual and conceptual risks.
  17. Have fun, you are making art.
  18. Export the video as a H.264 .mp4 file and upload before next class.

For Class

Bring your laptop or computer with your Premiere project file and video footage to review in class. This way we can test suggestions from the group discussion.

Grading Rubric

3 Different Locations / Shots25 points
Use of Camera Exposure Settings25 points
Exported .mp415 points
Editing 30 Seconds Long25 points
File Management and Labeling10 points

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