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12.01 Self Selected Projects Ideation Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Written and visual ideation of a self selected programming project
    • Label File YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname self selected programming ideation

Assignment Overview

During the semester we explored programming fundamentals , machine learning , Large Language Models , game libraries , physics engines, game engines, p5.js , ml5.js , and teachable machine among others. Now you will self select and direct your programming attention.

Consider programming concepts that engaged your thinking or curiosity. Which do you want to explore more? All programming concepts cannot be covered in a single semester course. What programming topics do you want to explore that have not been included?

Begin by writing down your thoughts and drawing sketches about a programming investigation that you will spend 3 weeks engaged with. You will conduct open ended research and experimentation with a self defined goal. The end product may be different from what you envisioned at the start.

You will be evaluated on the process of production and investigation. Obtaining your goal will contribute to the assessment of your performance in the project but most of the weight will be given to what you do, regardless of wether it works. If you can only receive a good evaluation with a successful program, then the incentive is to set low, easily achievable goals and then your growth is hindered. Set big goals and then try hard to accomplish them.



  1. Review your projects to date. Refer to your stated interests from the course discussion pageexternal link .
  2. Select candidate tools and concepts for exploration.
  3. Do you want to use programming tools in a predictable but new way? Do you want to create an unexpected and non-standard experience?

Spend approximately 45 minutes - 1.5 hours on developing your proposal, ideation, and ideas. Add sketches, imagery, screenshots, code snippets, links to resources or anything else that might be useful to your project ides.

Programming Prompts

Content Generator

Make a generator that uses inputs to create new and novel outputs.

  • Text generator that makes jokes, safety warnings, TV News Chirons, recipies, art critique comments, posters, fake newspapers
  • Image generator that mimics the concept of the Exquisite Corpse, to display the top, middle, and bottom of a figure. This could be made with text, images, or web data.

Autonomous Music Creator

Use timers and sequences to play sounds and create an infinite musical score. Or make a lo-fi ambient YouTube video infinite stream. See link for examples.

Use a Microcontroller

Microcontrollers such as the Arduino , ESP, or Raspberry Pi allow for programming to control the physical world by moving motors, access cameras or microphones, controlling LEDs, playing sounds on speakers, reading environment sensors and much more. IT is an abundant programming playground.

AR or VR

Use a cell phone’s sensors or one of the available headsets, such as the Quest 2, to create and explore an AR or VR experience.

Further Develop Previous Project

Is there a project that you worked on but had to finish at a less than satisfactory state due to a deadline? What would you do if you had more time? Now you do! Write a proposal to further investigate and develop an existing project.

Ideation Concepts30 points
Sketches / Visuals / Elaboration on Proposed Concept25 points
Evidence of 45 min - 1.5 hour of Ideation25 points
Layout / Formatting10 points
File Management10 points