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09.03 Game Library Playground Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Written description of what you did and what happened.
    • Label File YYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Game Library Playground Report
  2. If available, a URL of any experiments


  1. Pick a web based game library and follow its getting started guide.
  2. Make the example from the quickstart, or learn, or tutorial section.
  3. Make changes to the example to customize it.
  4. Review additional resources and guides to try to make more complex interactive and visual experiences.
  5. Spend 4 hours on this activity
  6. Spend 30 minutes documenting your activities in a report. Write down the details of:
    • What you read, articles, tutorials, videos
    • What you tried
    • What worked
    • What did not work
    • What you wanted to do
    • Images and Screenshots as needed

Remember that nothing may work. It is likely that you will be able to create the example from the getting started but then it may break as you make changes and experiment. That is ok.

Document what you did and what happened. Be detailed and thorough.

Learning Resources

Game Library Guides

Explore more game libraries and engines .

AI Assistnats

When you get stuck, paste your code into a LLM to see if it can spot an issue. It make make a mess of your code or it may make it work.

Remember that you can also use LLM to attempt to explain example code that you don’t understand. As you see examples of games or techniques, paste that code into a LLM and ask it to explain what is going on. THen you can use the LLM to try to modify the code for what you want to accomplish.

Cite all sources with links and all code from LLMs

Grading Rubric

Description of Selected Game Tool10 points
Activity Report Depth30 points
Evidence of 4 Hours of Research40 points
Uploaded Report10 points
File Management10 points