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09.00 Introduction

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We will review the basic programming concepts we learned this semester as well as review how to set up a development environment and publish content to the web. The p5.js web editor allow for a full-screen version to live on the web but using a custom domain name adds uniqueness to a project.

We will set up a domain name to use with GitHub pages to host our projects. This will review how to publish a project to GitHub and how to edit and make commits.

After this review and development environment set up, we will explore basic coding and programming concepts in the context of games. This will include pre-built game engines as well as straight JavaScript games. In both cases we will continue to explore the usefulness and non-usefulness of large language models for assistance with code.

What is a game?

There is a lot more to Game Designexternal link , for our purposes we will define a game as interaction with a purpose or reason for interaction.