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04.01 Course Concept Survey

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As the 25% completed point nears this week it is a an opportunity to guide the topics and investigations for the rest of the semester. Over the limited time frame of an academic semester, each concept learned or studied represents an opportunity cost for another investigation not completed.

One cannot do all things or learn all things, but one can choose where to focus.

  1. What is something you hoped to learn when you enrolled in the course?
  2. What is a project or projects you want to create? This list below are merely prompts that are not necessary to use. Describe a “programming” or computer project that you want to make.
    • AR/VR?
    • Games?
    • Animation?
    • Interactive programs?
    • Sound synthesis?
    • Responsive video?
    • Computer vision tracking?
    • Interactive sensors?
    • 3D graphics?
    • Data visualization
    • All other ideas and concepts …
  3. After learning some programming concepts, do you have new things you want to learn or investigate based on what you now know?