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03.09 Interactive Object Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Upload a URL to your online Interactive Object art project via one of the following options:
    • Self published GitHub repository published to GitHub Pages
    • or
    • Link to sketch on p5.js Web Editor

Assignment Requirements

  • define a JavaScript Class
    • add a minimum of 2 attributes to the constructor() function of the Class
    • add a minimum of 2 methods to the Class
      • one of the methods could be to show or display the object
      • another methods could be interactive
      • plus more methods ??
  • define an array to hold many objects
  • use a loop to create objects and store them in the array
    • add a minimum of 10 objects to the array
  • use a loop to call a method on the objects
    • this loop could call one or both of the methods
  • Add an interactive event that changes something about the objects

Grading Rubric

Define a JavaScript Class20 points
2 attributes in constructor function20 points
2 methods in the class20 points
Use a loop to create objects and store in array20 points
Use loop to call a method on objects20 points
Interactive event that changes the objects20 points