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03.00 Introduction

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We continue learning fundamental programming concepts through the creation of interesting visual outputs. It is inefficient to learn a bunch of concepts without applying them. If there isn’t a “use” for something, our brains are likely not going to be interested in spending energy to connect neurons in order for us to remember. How can we continue to learn the fundamental concepts of programming without just memorizing techniques? By making cool images, animations, and interactive programs. Rather than focusing on the “programming concept” we will focus on making an item move, or creating lots of items, or having balloons pop when tapped on the screen. By having a goal for our programs first, we create the incentive to learn the fundamental programming concept necessary to realize our vision. We will also use pre-built templates to get creating fast. By modifying exisiting code to work they way you want, you can studying fundamentals without having to start from zero.

Learning Objectives

  • arrays
  • objects
  • classes
  • mouse clicky action