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13.00 Introduction

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Once a 3D digital model is created, a toolpath must be made so the CNC machine has the information needed to cut out the project. THis requires making a “tool” with the measurements of the cutting device used on the CNC. Then the stock, material used for cutting, is defined as well as the location of all the cutting operations. Finally before cutting, clearances can be added to the cutting operation to allow parts to fit together.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a tool in Fusion 360 for use with the ShopBot
  • Create toolpaths for use on a CNC
  • Add tabs and holding features to the toolpath
  • Add clearance as needed for proper part fit

Key Terms

  • ShopBot
  • Toolpath
  • Pocket Cut
  • Profile Cut
  • 3D Cut
  • CNC fillet
  • Tolerance
  • Clearance
  • Fit
  • Add user parameters for tolerance and fit
  • Add CNC fillets for clearing inside corners