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09.07 3D Test Print Object Model Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Exported Fusion 360 file, Maya file, or Blender file of a small object.
    • Label the file YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Small Test Object


Think about a small size object of about 1 cubic inch. This can be bigger than an inch in size but the total volume of the object should be less than 1 cubic inch. This is Smaller than a toy car but bigger than a die. Think about organic forms, negative spaces, curvilinear lines and geometric surfaces.

Spend 45 minutes to and hour modeling a form in the 3D modeling program of your choice. Try to think about form and scale but we will adjust scale in class next week.

Grading Rubric

3D Test Print Model Design20 points
Exported Fusion 360 file, Maya file, or Blender file20 points
File Management10 points