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06.11 Laser Cut Photo Documentation Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Minimum of 1 post processed photograph of laser cut project. (png,jpg)
    • Label files YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Laser Cut Photo

Assignment Overview

Documentation of work for presentation to others is a vital skill for creators. Most people will not see a work in person and therefore will rely on the documentation to experience the piece. Compelling documentation can be the difference between someone liking a work or disregarding it.

In class we practiced using the bare minimum photography setup. This setup is easily achieved with materials most have on hand, a single light, a piece of cardboard, a neutral background, a piece of white paper for a reflector, and a cell phone camera. Individually these items are common, but with a little thought and effort applied, they can be used to make decent documentation photos. Later in the course we will study how to use additional lights and larger sensor manual cameras to have even more control over the documentation photos.

Camera and Photo Editing Tutorial Videos

Single Light Photo Documentation

Camera Raw Tutorial

Open Any Image in Camera Raw

Assignment Resources

Grading Rubric

Composition Fill Frame30 points
Lighting Dynamic Range20 points
Post Process Background Paper Edges20 points
White Balance10 points
Photo Uploaded10 points
File Management10 points