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06.01 Laser Cut Self Assessment

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Now that you have cut out and assembled your laser-cut stand there are probably many things that you would want to do differently if you remade the stand. The design process is an iterative process full of successes and setbacks. When we realize something that we should have done in a design it is not a failure, rather it is a success because we have learned something about the design process and our project.

Reflect on your design process including the ideation process, the digital modeling process in Fusion 360, the physical output laser cutting, and the photo documentation process. Answer the questions below about your project.


  1. What is your favorite part of your design / project? Why? How did it turn out?
  2. What would you change about how you designed your 3D model in Fusion 360? Did parts not work out? Would you now take a different approach? Why?
  3. Now that you have your physical stand cut out, what do you think? Was the scale what you expected? What would you redesign about the project? Why? Be specific.
  4. What challenges did you face and how did you attempt to overcome them?