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05.09 Cut Out and Assemble Laser Cut Project

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Upload an updated render image of 3D model with design changes (png, jpg)
  2. Upload a written description of the changes you made to your design and why (docx, pdf)
  3. Bring assembled laser cut project to class

Label files YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Project Name.ext

Assignment Overview

Using your written self assessment and comments from the pair and group discussion of the laser cut digital models, make changes to your Fusion 360 model to improve your design. Sometimes it is best to go back in the timeline to make changes, other times it is easier to edit from the end of the timeline. The goal is to have a better 3D model than what you started with.

Points to consider?

  • Do you have connection joints that interlock and are easy to align?
  • Do you have “feet” on the bottom corners of the design to add stability?
  • Are all the ply dimensions correct?
  • Are negative space cutouts used to enhance the design?
  • Do you have enough support pieces and braces for strength?
  • Where can the design be made more interesting and appealing?
  • Are there places to add geometric or organic contours, rather than just rectangles?
  • Is each piece an individual component?

Write Summary of Changes to Model

Write down what you changed in your model and why. Be specific and descriptive. What did you think about the changes? Describe the before state, identify the problem, then explain how your addressed your desired outcome. Your self assessment can be used as a guide to get started with changing your model and with documenting the changes that you make.

Make Updated Renders of Your Project

After you make changes to your design, make sure that materials are applied to all the parts. Make a new render image of the updated model. Use a 1:1, 2:3, 4:6, 16:9 aspect ratio, not the viewport ratio. Make the long dimension 4000px. Make sure to have a good composition and to have the rendered object large in the frame.

Cut out your Project

Go to the think[box] and cut out your project. If something doesn’t work out right, modify your model and try to cut it out again. If you need additional plywood or plywood of a different thickness, contact your instructor.

Assemble Project

  1. Use sandpaper or a sander to remove burn marks on the flat planar surfaces and discoloration from ash. The burn marks on the thin edges are fine as is.
  2. Then use a combination of friction fit, glue, and fasteners to assemble your laser cut project.
  3. Remove any excess glue.
  4. Sand any remaining rough edges.
  5. Apply wood finish or paint as desired
    • (wax, a weak, non durable, but easy to apply finish is available in the Fab Studios)
    • (Danish Oil, a more durable wipe on finish is available from your instructor)
    • (water based Polyurethane is available at the store)
    • (acrylic paint works well on wood)
  6. Bring completed project to class.

Using Acrylic

The laser cutters can cut acrylic plastic. Make sure you leave the protective paper on the acrylic so it can be identified. Polycarbonate is not able to be cut so you must be able to read the protective paper to determine the material. Acrylic cuts cleanly on the laser cutter without the burn marks of wood.

Grading Rubric

Stand Design30 points
Fit of Parts20 points
Finish of Surface20 points
Written Description of Changes30 points
Render Image20 points
File Management10 points