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05.0 Introduction

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This module covers the fabrication process of a laser cut assembly modeled in Fusion 360. It shows how to make revisions to a digital model in Fusion 360 and the importance of keeping each piece of a model to be fabricated as an individual component. This is necessary to be able to lay the parts out flatexternal link in Fusion 360 to produce and export a DXF cut fileexternal link for use on the laser cutter. You will need to make a laser cutter toolexternal link in Fusion 360 and install a DXF post processorexternal link . to produce a DXF file of your tool paths. This is the file you will use to cut out your laser cut design.

Learning Objectives

  • Revise and make changes to a digital model in Fusion 360
  • Lay pieces flat in preparation for laser cutting
  • Create a custom Laser Cutting tool in Fusion 360
  • Create tool paths with kerf compensation
  • Export tool paths as DXF files
  • Cut out custom laser cut design
  • Assemble laser cut pieces

Key Terms

  • DXF
  • post processor
  • Manufacture Workspace
  • tool path
  • profile
  • kerf
  • layout