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04.06 Multi Component Example Models for Laser cutting

Laser Cut Stand Assembled

Physical Prototype of Laser Cut Cell Phone Stand cut out

This videoexternal link walks through a simple phone stand with interlocking pieces. It uses offset planes and mirroring. Each panel of the stand is made as a separate component so the design history stays clean and the pieces can be layed flat. This example uses a previous method of laying parts flat with joints. Now Fusion 360 uses the Modify > Arrange Tool to lay parts flat.

Laser Cut Acrylic House Example

Laser Cut Cell Phone Stand Example

Incorporating Organic Forms in Laser Cutting

Laser cutters work on flat stock material that can only have curves when looking at it from a side profile. If multiple side profiles are arranged in a linear pattern and secured in place, organic forms can be make with a laser cutter. Starting wit ha simple organic form, Fusion 360 can be used to “slice” the 3D form into components that can be used for laser cutting.