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04.00 Introduction

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This module continues the design and fabrication process based on the ideation and physical cardboard prototypes you produced. After discussing your ideas and cardboard models with the group, you will make necessary modifications to your design and cardboard prototype. Then we will study how use Fusion 360 to convert a sketch and a cardboard model into a digital 3D model designed for fabrication with a laser cutter. We will examine how to keep the parts as separate components. This project introduces custom user parameters in Fusion 360external link . These are like variables for dimensions that we can change and have the model update automatically. The use of user defined parameters is essential for parametric modeling .

Learning Objectives

  • Use sketch projections in Fusion 360
  • Design a modular 3D model in Fusion 360 for laser cutting
  • Use separate components for separate parts of the project
  • Export rendered images of 3D Model


  • kerf - space or gap left by a cutting tool
  • dxf - CAD file format that stores vector information in plain text created by Autodesk
  • finger joint
  • tool path - gCode information used by a laser cutter, cnc machine, water jet or other computer controlled cutting machine
  • user parameters