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01.00 Introduction to Technical Sketching and 3D Modeling

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This module covers technical sketching and an introduction to 3D modeling. We will use multiple 3D modeling software packages in this course but will begin with Fusion 360 that has parametric modeling tools and tools used for fabricating and producing physical objects from digital 3D models. Fusion 360 uses digital sketches, constraints, and techniques borrowed from the traditional world of physical technical drawing. In order to understand digital 3D modeling tools it is important to have a basic foundational understanding and proficiency in technical sketching. This will form the foundation for the “why” and “how” of the digital 3D modeling tools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice technical drawing and sketching techniques
  • Draw isometric cubes and circles
  • Sketch objects using third angle projections
  • 3D model a basic object in Fusion 360
  • Create a rendered image of a 3D modeled object in Fusion 360