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16.01 Magical Powers Video Ideation

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  1. Begin by writing down many different magical powers you could have or magical items that you could find. Do not limit yourself and be specific.
  2. Review your list and select a few that may be promising.
  3. Develop a story spine by filling out the 9 prompts in a Google Doc.  Revise the story spine. Each part of the story spine should only be a sentence or two.
  4. Once the 3 Acts of the narrative arc are developed and written out using the story spine you need to decide how you will show the viewer the story.  Remember there is no dialogue in the story. You must rely on visuals to tell your narrative.
  5. Storyboard every new shot. Sometimes you may need several storyboards per shot if the composition changes over time.  Storyboards should be full panels with captions describing the scene.

Scan your storyboards as a PDF. Label the PDF YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname 3D Animation Storyboards.pdf.

Grading Rubric

Storyboards60 points
Story Spine20 points
Documentation10 points
File Management10 points