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14.00 Introduction

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3D animation brings 3D models to life. An element of change over time in the form of keyframes, allows one to control various aspects of an animation in 3D space. A keyframe is a characteristic of an object or property at a specific moment in time. Two different keyframes at two different times, create animation. Changing how the animation changes from one keyframe to the next is interpolation and contributes to the character and feel of an animation. Camera angles, a variety of shots, and sound effects add finishing touches to an animation.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding and competence of composition and other fundamental visual concepts as applied to moving art and sound
  • Use basic principles such as squash and stretch and motion to create a purposeful composition
  • Use a variety of shots and camera angles
  • Use well-considered visual themes, including colors and general style of visual treatments and elements
  • Convert an image sequence into a video.

Key Terms