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13.06 Texturing and Rendering Exercise

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Minimum of 2 render images of a created environment in Blender or Maya
    • Minimum of 5 object meshes in scene
    • Minimum of 1 use of each of the following (Base Color, Metallic, Bump, Roughness)
    • Minimum of 3 light sources
    • Render two different camera views of the scene at a minimum 1920x1080 or 3840x2160 (.png or .jpg)
  2. Upload Blender or Maya project file (.blend or (.mb or .ma in a scene archive .zip))
    • If using Blender, make sure to pack all external assets.
    • If using Maya, make sure to export an archive of the scene with all of the texture files.

Assignment Overview

3D models used in rendering are boring and nondescript without textures and colors. These can be enhanced with physical based materials.