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11.08 CNC Project Documentation

Assignment Deliverables

  • Take 2 Photos with a clean backdrop of your CNC Project
  • Take 2 Photos of your CNC Project showing its intended purpose in an environment
  • Label the photos YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Final CNC Project Documentation
  • Upload the Raw files as well as the edited jpgs (You will upload 4 Raw files and 4 jpgs)

Assignment Overview

After you cut out, assemble and finish your CNC project to your satisfaction, take documentation photographs of your work. Having good documentation of your creative work is essential and is an important part of the creative process. **Take a minimum of 4 Photos that show all aspects of your project. **

  • You should show the overall form, the construction details and any other relevant views that will give a viewer a complete understanding of you piece.
  • Take two photos with a clean backdrop, one from a 3/4 angle that shows a good representation of the form and the other from a composition of your choice.
  • Take two photos should showing the intended purpose and use of the object. Take these photos in an environment that tells a story.
  • Make sure the object is in focus.
  • Don’t forget to have good lighting and composition.
  • Use good lighting and shoot in JPG and RAW so you can edit and post process your images.

Grading Rubric

Photo 1 backdrop20 points
Photo 2 backdrop20 points
Photo 1 environment20 points
Photo 2 environment20 points
RAW files uploaded10 points
File Management10 points