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11.05 Create Toolpath CNC Project

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Fusion 360 file with toolpaths created in the manufacture workspace (.f3d) - How to Export Fusion 360 .f3d File
  2. Screen shot of toolpath from manufacture workspace (.png or .jpg) - How to take a screenshot
  3. Exported ShopBot file for CNC (.sbp) - ShopBot Toolpaths

Assignment Overview

  1. Fix any issues with your model.
  2. Double check the “ply” dimension and all other dimensions.
  3. Switch to the Manufacture Workspace.
  4. Change the Manufacture Workspace units to Inches.
  5. Make sure everything is an individual component.
  6. Create a Manufacturing model.
  7. Edit the Manufacturing Model to add invisible dogbone fillets.
  8. Create a new Setup.
  9. Enter the information for the stock, should be 24" x 60" x 18mm.
  10. Create a 2D Pocket Toolpath.
  11. Create a 2D Contour Toolpath.
  12. Take a screenshot of the toolpaths.
  13. Post the process as a .sbp ShopBot file.

Grading Rubric

Manufacturing Model Created10 points
Setup Created with Correct Stock10 points
Invisible Dogbone Fillets Added20 points
2D Pocket Tool Path20 points
2D Contour Tool Path20 points
.sbp Post Process File Uploaded20 points
Screenshot of Tool Path Uploaded20 points
.f3d File with Tool Path Uploaded20 points
File Management10 points