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10.00 Introduction

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In the design process, once a sketches and a simple prototype are made we assess our original assumptions by testing the prototype. In this case the prototype is a scale cardboard model. Seeing and holding the prototype will show strengths and weakness of the design that can be kept or corrected before final fabrication. The goal is to improve the design while making a 3D digital model for CNC fabrication. Additional user parameters will be used to make the model easier to maintain and edit. CNC fillets will be added in the manufacture workspace so the CNC router can clear out inside corners. Tolerances will be added so the parts fit together well.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine a scale prototype to test design assumptions
  • Write down parts of the design as well as needed changes
  • Translate a prototype / model into a 3D digital model
  • Make a robust parametric 3D model with multiple user parameters
  • Use manufacture model to lay parts flat
  • Learn about the ShopBot

Key Terms