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09.08 Make Scale Cardboard Model

Assignment Deliverables

  • Scale cardboard model of your CNC design - Scale Cardboard to Plywood
  • 2 post processed photos from 2 angles of your cardboard model (jpg, png)
  • 2 raw files of post processed photos (dng, arw, cr2)
  • Label files YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Cardboard Model Documentation Photos

Assignment Overview

Take a minimum of two photos of your model. Take one from a 3/4 angle that shows a good representation of the form. Take the other from a composition of your choice. Set up lights and a clean backdrop. You can use the already set up paper backdrop. Remember that putting a single light directly above a small object often gives a great shot. You can check out lights and a camera from the CIA equipment checkout or shoot at the think[box].

Shoot in JPG and RAW and post process the images. White balance should be correctedexternal link and the levels should be adjusted to have good exposure. Use Photoshop and Adobe Camera Rawexternal link to make adjustments and to retouch any mistakes in the images.

Grading Rubric

Cardboard Model Design30 points
Cardboard Scale20 points
Cardboard Model Documentation30 points
RAW Files Uploaded10 points
Craft and Assembly10 points
File Management10 points