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09.01 CNC Design Research

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Slide Presentation of design inspiration images (minimum 10 images)
  2. For each slide, write 2-3 sentences about why you selected this image and what your find intriguing about it. Can be written on the slide with image or on separate slides.
  3. Put a link on each slide to where you found the image.
  4. Save the presentation as a PDF
  5. Label as YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname CNC Design Research.pdf

Assignment Overview

Before starting your project it is important to see what types of designs have been made. This can give you inspiration and new ideas for your project. You do not research other designs to copy them but to find out solutions that others have made. You can then take inspiration from those solutions and create your own designs and Concepts. This is an important part of any creative process.

Look up standard stool heights, chair sizes, and table sizes. You can simply enter these search terms into Google. Write down what you find. You do not have to make something a standard size but generally it is a good place to start your design process.

Grading Rubric

Design Research30 points
Image Descriptions30 points
10 images20 points
Image Links10 points
File Management10 points