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08.10 Final 3D Print Documentation

Assignment Deliverables

  • Take 2 Photos with a clean backdrop of your Final 3D Print
  • Take 2 Photos of your Final 3D Print showing its intended purpose in an environment
  • Label the photos YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Final 3D Print Documentation
  • Upload the Raw files as well as the edited jpgs (You will upload 4 Raw files and 4 jpgs)

Assignment Overview

Photo document your Final 3D print according to the guidelines below.

Take a minimum of 4 photos of your Final 3D Print

  • Take two photos with a clean backdrop, one from a 3/4 angle that shows a good representation of the form and the other from a composition of your choice.
  • Take two photos should showing the intended purpose and use of the 3D print. Take these photos in an environment that tells a story.
  • Make sure the print is in focus.
  • Don’t forget to have good lighting and composition.
  • Use good lighting and shoot in JPG and RAW so you can edit and post process your images.

Set up lights and a clean backdrop. You can check out lights and a camera from the equipment checkout. You can also take your model to the think[box] and use the soft boxes and flashes already set up. Shoot in JPG and RAW and post process the images. White balance should be correctedexternal link and the levels should be adjusted to have good exposure. Use Photoshop and Adobe Camera Rawexternal link to make adjustments and to retouch any mistakes in the images.

Tutorial Videos

Open Any Image in Camera Raw

Quick White Balance in Photoshop

Camera Raw Tutorial

Grading Rubric

Photo 1 backdrop20 points
Photo 2 backdrop20 points
Photo 1 environment20 points
Photo 2 environment20 points
RAW files uploaded10 points
File Management10 points