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08.08 Final 3D Print 3D Model

Assignment Deliverables

  • Digital 3D model file of your final 3D print design exported fro the last modeling software you used (blend or f3d or ma or mb or fbx or obj)
  • Render Image of final 3D Print (png or jpg)
  • Exported STL of final 3D Print (stl)
  • Brief description of how you incorporated the design challenge(s) into your 3D print design (docx or pdf)

Assignment Overview

Using your ideation sketches, make a 3D digital model of your final 3d print. You are not limited to using Fusion 360. You can use polygon mesh modeling programs such as Blender or Maya. If you use Blender or Maya, you can use Fusion 360 to render your model since we have not covered rendering in Blender or Maya. Export your object as an .obj file and then import to Fusion 360 for rendering.

Grading Rubric

3D Model Exported10 points
3D Model Design30 points
Render Image Uploaded10 points
Render Image Aspect Ratio10 points
Render Image Composition10 points
STL File Uploaded10 points
Design Description Uploaded20 points