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07.00 Introduction 3D Print Test Prints

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Before working on a final version of a project it is important to understand the process. To better understand FFF 3D printing, we will make small test prints. This will familiarize you with how to export an STL file, how to use slicing software to prepare your file, how to load filament into the printer, what can go wrong with overhangs and supports, and other intangibles that are only learnable through experience. We will keep the 3D print test prints small so when inevitable problems occur not a lot of time or material is wasted. It is a good idea to make multiple test prints, making changes to your model based on how the print turns out.

Learning Objectives

  • Slice STL file in Cura
  • Add supports and raft as needed to print
  • Load PLA filament onto 3D Printer
  • Select file and successfully print a test print
  • Clean up supports and raft
  • Photo document small objects in a professional way

Key Terms

  • Cura
  • Support
  • Raft
  • PLA
  • Slicer
  • ISO
  • Shutter Speed
  • Depth of Field
  • F-Stop