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06.05 Ideation Sketches 3D Print Test Print

Assignment Deliverables

  • Upload scan of thumbnail sketches
  • Upload scan of revised sketches

Assignment Overview

Using thumbnail sketches, quickly design numerous ideas for a 3D test print. For now think about a small size object of about 1 cubic inch. This can be bigger than an inch in size but the total volume of the object should be less than 1 cubic inch. Think about organic forms, negative spaces, curvilinear lines and geometric surfaces.

When you finish your sketches scan them and upload them to the class Google Drive following the instructions below.

Required Sketches

  • 5 thumbnail sketches minimum - These should be 10 different ideas. Draw without constraint. Do not limit your ideas.
  • 3 larger refined ideations minimum - Choose some of your ideas from your thumbnails. Refine them and iterate on the concepts. Which parts do you like and which parts can you change to make your ideas better.

Grading Rubric

5 - 10 thumbnails20 points
3 revised sketches20 points
Idea Development30 points
Documentation10 points
File Management10 points