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06.00 Introduction

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This module introduces 3D Printing and mesh modeling sometimes referred to as polygon modeling. A 3D model on a computer is restricted to digital purposes. We will output our digital models into the physical world. 3D printing is a quick way to be able to produce a physical model in order to hold a complex 3D model in your hands. Some models and forms can only be made by 3D printing and are not possible with traditional manufacturing or fabrication techniques. 3D printing is an additive process, meaning material is added to existing material rather than being cut away such as with a saw, laser cutter, CNC, or waterjet. T-Splinesexternal link in Fusion 360 allow for the creation of organic forms than can be combined with parametric models to create decorative and functional parts.

Learning Objectives

  • Model organic forms with T-splines in Fusion 360
  • Combine T-splines with parametrically modeled features
  • Scale a model to a desired size
  • Measure a model in software
  • Export an STL file for 3D printing

Key Terms

  • FFF 3D Printing
  • T-Spline
  • Manifold / Watertight
  • STL
  • Build envelope
  • Bounding Box
  • Filament