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03.06 Laser Cut Cardboard Model

Assignment Deliverables

  • 1 Cardboard full scale model

Physical Test Model

  1. Get some cardboard. There is some in the classroom. Use good clean cardboard rather than old, torn, and bent cardboard so you are not fighting the material.
  2. Make a 1:1 scale model. This means real world scale. If you are using 1/4" plywood or acrylic, then make your cardboard the same thickness. We want the model to be accurate and full scale so we can test our ideas quickly.
  3. Use the joining and assembly techniques that you plan to use with the laser cutter, such as slots, grooves, tabs, and butt joints.
  4. Often it is not possible to use the same construction techniques with cardboard that you will use with wood or acrylic cut with the laser cutter.

Cardboard Construction Techniques

Grading Rubric

Design40 points
Assembly Techniques30 points
Clean Cuts30 points