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02.02 Basic Pattern Tools Fusion 360

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Examples of Patterns in the Environment

Examples of Rectangular Patterns

A rectangular pattern can have 1, 2, or 3 directional axis to form a grid to arrange the pattern. The windows in a building, legs of a table or chair, drawers in a cabinet, buttons on a game controller, wheels on a car, pixels on a computer monitor, and the aisles in a retail store are all layed out in neat rectangular rectangular patterns.

Where else do you see rectangular patterns?

Examples of Circular Patterns

A circular pattern follows the contour of a circle. It may or may not go all the way around the circumference of the circle. The blades on a drone, cutouts on a custom car rim, bars on a merry-go-round, ridges on a cut drinking glass, grid fins on a rocket, nubs on the grip handle of a mountain bike, and are examples of circular patterns.

Where else do you see circular patterns?

Examples of Patterns Along a Path

The lamp posts along a winding parkway, LEDs in a fancy car headlight, cut outs in an organic chair, and ridges along the grip of a cordless drill are examples of patterns along a path.

Where else do you see patterns along a path?

Pattern Tools in Fusion 360

Fusion 360 allows you to create patterns of objects or features. This is a powerful way to make complex additions to a model in a quick and editable way. You can create a rectangular pattern, a circular pattern, or a pattern on a path.

Examine everyday objects around you and look for different types of patterns.

Pattern Example Videos

1. Rectangular Pattern Tool

2. Pattern Along a Path Tool

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