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00.03 Syllabus

Learning Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will have to opportunity to:

  • Think critically about the role of digital technology
  • Achieve technical proficiency at a foundational level in various relevant software
  • Apply Digital Literacy at a foundational level in relation to semantics, digital resources, and digital research
  • Apply foundation principles with Digital Tools in 2D, 3D and 4D Manage and organize files and digital workflows
  • Edit Video for animation and narrative structures
  • Manage 3D output of assets from digital models, either 2D vector or 3D mode
  • Understand variables and functions in computer code
  • Code for animation or algorithmic painting
  • Utilize 3D software and understand the basics of 3D modeling
  • Use digital software to create physical objects Experiment with other digital output for 3D including VR/AR
  • Create innovative 3D sculptures and models
  • Demonstrate the advantages/disadvantages of using digital technology in 3D form
  • Understand and apply design principles using digital technologies

Class Format & Policies

  • Digital II has 5 hours of regularly scheduled instructional time. In addition to the regularly scheduled instructional time, you’ll need to plan on 4 to 5 hours of homework time for each of your classes.
  • There will be field trips to the think[box] for instructional content.
  • In addition, students will need to go to the CIA Digital Output Center and the think[box] to complete assignments such as laser cutting and 3D printing.
  • Digital II is a combination of studio work as well as lecture, group dialogue, critiques etc.
  • Projects will sometimes have in-progress reviews in addition to critiques when the projects are finished. The Instructor as well as students participate in the critiques. This takes time and is part of the studio learning experience and a big part of the course.
  • Students must avoid behavior that disrupts the learning process, or that otherwise may be offensive to classmates, or that is disrespectful to the instructor.


You’re required to contribute to all critiques, even if your own project is not complete. Successful crits depend on each student’s generosity in sharing their honest thoughts, opinions and suggestions!

Late Work

Projects must be turned in on time. On time is before the beginning of class on the day that they are due or other time as specified by the instructor. Late projects will automatically drop 2% per day late.


  • Students should maintain regular, on-going and timely documentation of work in progress.
  • Images should be high resolution, well exposed, in focus, and well composed.

File Management

  • We will use Canvas to turn in assignments. If issues arise with Canvas’ file submission process then we will use Google Drive to turn in assignments.
  • The class will have a Google Drive folder specific to this course.
  • Use this format for naming all your Digital II class digital files:
    • YYYYMMDD Smith Lane Project 1
    • 20230118 Smith Lane First Day Project 1

Required Supplies

  • Drawing Board
  • Loose Paper to Draw on (Can use printer paper or other loose paper, not paper in a sketchbook)
  • Pencil and sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Safety Goggles (not needed on first day)
  • Hearing Protection (not needed on first day)
  • ~$50 -$75 for fabrication materials to complete projects

The following materials are not required for the course but may be useful to you in the course and further study.

  • T-Square
  • Straight edge for drawing lines 45 deg triangle 30 / 60 deg triangle
  • Compass for drawing circles
  • 3 Button Mouse – Attached to Lab computers but recommended for working on your laptop
  • Low tack tape to hold drawing paper to board
  • Digital Calipers - May purchase your own or use the digital calipers in the Fab Studios
  • Isometric Graph Paper (Has triangles instead of squares)
  • Square Graph Paper

Required Textbooks and Readings

  • No required textbook
  • Course resources are available online