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11.03 Final Fabrication Progress Assignment in Gallery

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Assignment Deliverables

  1. 3 photos of fabrication progress (.jpg .png)
    • Label photos YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Fabrication Progress Photo 1.jpg
  2. Written description of fabrication progress and next steps (.pdf)
    • Label document YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Fabrication Progress Description.pdf


It’s crunch time. The final streach in most long term projects can be hectic. Keep focus on the tasks to complete the installation. Document the work that your are completing.

Think of the various parts of the installation. Many students may be installing similar parts but highlight what you worked on and decisions made. How did you work as a team? What did you do specifically? Document your work in photos and written description.

Fabrication Photo 120
Fabrication Photo 220
Fabrication Photo 320
Written Description of Fabrication Process30
File Management10