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11.01 Introduction

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Hepp Maccoy will be on site to help with the final installation of the exhibit and LED programming. To prep for the visit, wired LED strands will be tested with the PixelBlaze output expanders to make sure each DC power supply and LED wiring harness are working properly.

Students will break into groups to iterate and test how LEDs can be incorporated into the current tree structures in the gallery. Then once the overall plan is approved by the class, everyone will work together to install LEDs and diffusion material. Hepp will provide guidance to students as they work in the gallery.

Learning Objectives

  • Collaborate with students to follow through with last steps of installation
  • Independently assess and prioritize tasks to complete the show
  • Stay focused in the final stretch under the pressure of a time deadline
  • Lay out LEDs in a creative way in 3D space for later illumination and programming