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05.07 Installation Fabrication Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  1. 3 photos of fabrication progress (.jpg .png)
    • Label photos YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Fabrication Progress Photo 1.jpg
  2. Written description of fabrication progress and next steps (.pdf)
    • Label document YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Fabrication Progress Description.pdf


Spend 4.5 hours fabricating

Review your notes from class regarding central pillar ideationexternal link , LED placement, pixel mapping, and discussions with Hepp. The group formed a consensus around the general concept of “Big Tree” as well as the “3 Turns.” Review the ideation sketches linked hereexternal link , to refresh you memory about your ideas as well as your peers ideas. Be true to the concept but take risks and experiment as well.

Remember that the elevator is 47" wide, so everything needs to be narrower than that. The plan is to make pieces that slot together to form a greater whole. Make sure to leave space for attachment points as well as steel armature reinforcement.

Post updates and photos to the class group fabrication discussion threadexternal link . This way we can keep track of what everyone is doing.

Possible Fabrication Items

  • Bushes with seat?
  • Benches?
  • Roots - can start adding paper-maché but leave hole for steel
  • Human Elements
    • Benches
    • Wall facade
    • Street Light
    • Mail box - found objects?

Think about where the LEDs and speakers go !!!!

Fabrication Photo 120
Fabrication Photo 220
Fabrication Photo 320
Written Description of Fabrication Process30
File Management10