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02.01 Introduction

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After an initial site visit and an ideation process the ideas from multiple stakeholders need to be evaluated, refined, and developed through a consensus building process. A design charette is a collaborative process that allows different stakeholders to more equally participate in the development of ideas then a typical open brainstorming session. Using the framework of a charette will guide the refinement of ideas before testing scale prototype mock-ups within a scale model of the installation space. Preparations for the first visit of Hepp Maccoy next week include preparing to present initial concepts and ideas. Researching and becoming more familiar with Hepp’s previous work will assist in developing questions in advance to make the most efficient use of the technical expertise of a visitor.

Learning Objectives

  • Present ideation concepts to a group in a clear and concise way
  • Collaborate with other students to synthesize multiple concepts
  • Use the Charette process to develop consensus among multiple stakeholders
  • Work with physical scale model of installation site and build scale prototypes
  • Refine ideations and identify requirements to physically realize the installation
  • Prepare for site visit with visiting artist Hepp Maccoy
    • Develop list of technical questions
    • Prepare presentation of ideations and installation concepts

Key Terms

  • Charette
  • Brainstorming
  • Scale model
  • Scale prototype